Olivia Wilde Naked On A Couch

Olivia Wilde Naked On A Couch

olivia wilde naked couch Olivia Wilde Naked On A Couch

It didn’t take long for Olivia Wilde’s career to degrade to the point were she is doing low grade pornography as you can see in this photo of her naked on a couch.

Just a few short years ago Olivia Wilde was one of heathen Hollywood’s “it” girls starring on the hit Fox TV show “House” and in the horrible movie “Tron”. Now it appears as though she is peddling her baby box just to get by.

Let this Olivia Wilde naked on a couch pic serve as a warning for all would-be infidel sluts out there. Zionist controlled Hollywood is a cruel and unforgiving place, it is best to follow a righteous path and submit oneself to servitude in the harems of us virile Muslim men.


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    CelebFakeHad July 16, 2012

    My name says it all

    • Avatar
      blackside July 16, 2012

      My cracker I gotta tell ya something. Fake or real, black is better. I’m packing a shotgun and im a shoot all the white whores like yo mom

      • Avatar
        CelebFakeHad July 16, 2012

        have no idea what you just said there maybe the watermelon seeds are still in your mouth or the collard greens are under cook or the fried chicken is burnt keep begging for peanuts monkey

        • Avatar
          blackside July 17, 2012

          Daaaamn cracker, I did have some water melon tuday. While I whored yo mom out.

          • Avatar
            CelebFakeHad July 17, 2012

            Come on blacky mon-fri watermelon & crack sat collard greens & crack sunday chicken & crack

          • Avatar
            Maestro September 09, 2012

            blackside ain’t kiddin’ – yer mom was nasty like ya read about – yo blackside don’t let me forget I still owe you the two dollars for that

        • Avatar
          mike February 17, 2013

          U need A life

      • Avatar
        hate October 05, 2012

        Don’t bet on Black

      • Avatar
        Tru July 10, 2013

        Thats michelle lay, fools

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      The Anarchist July 20, 2012

      personally, I think everyone of you Muslim rag head extremist douche bags should get a bullet in the head, and have your country burned to nothing. Then somebody could open a strip club as a giant ‘FUCK YOU’

      • Avatar
        Lt Col Mike August 29, 2012

        true dat kill them all they are all just a bunch of fucking diaper wearing faggots who need to die and stop using there hands as toliet paper

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    carol July 16, 2012

    it is not even close to Olivia…. you harem gay shitface!!!

    • Avatar
      Billy Club July 17, 2012

      I think your right. She was never shaved down there, when we were together for 5 yrs.

    • Avatar
      dragonslayer88 August 29, 2012

      firsties mother fuckers ill stick my 14 inch cock up hers :D

      • Avatar
        Haha September 23, 2012

        And ur called dragonslayer fag

      • Avatar
        Pattleface December 11, 2012

        Sorry asshole. World record is 13″!

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    Observerwwtdd July 16, 2012

    A fine woman…….”dinner” on the table before I get home from a hard day of tying bomb-vests to mentally deformed Hadrassah buddies…..

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    Ali azhar July 16, 2012

    You can hate on this site as much as you like..but once Islam takes over..you’ll be lucky if you get to see a woman’s pussy EVEN WHILE YOU ARE DREAMING!

    Yes…once islam takes over you can bid goodbye to ALL sort of sex..normal..abnormal..cyber..phone..basically everything about sex will be banned.

    Even bikinis on beaches will be banned..and you can forget about skirts and jeans as well.

    You have time..but only till our Islam takes over..just you wait and watch!!

    Allah hu akbar!!!

    • Avatar
      jeremy July 17, 2012

      never gonna happen your country nor your people are strong enough or smart enough to ever take over stupid muslim fuck

    • Avatar
      The Anarchist July 21, 2012

      get stuffed

    • Avatar
      Omg that just happend says August 18, 2012

      Hahahahaha you really think that you guys will take over the united stat es well umm you just k inda lookstupid without osama bin laden dead there buddy. I’m suprised you speak American lol you are fake!

    • Avatar
      someone with a brain February 04, 2013

      Pretty sure for islam to take over they’d need people who aren’the piss poor towel head donkey fuckers to spread the word. Every single person belonging to the islamic r ligion is completely retarded.. not to mention the fact that they smell like complete trash due to the fact that their countries have no running water. That’s a fact. have fun burning in hell sand.niggers!
      And PS… the record is only 13″ only.because I
      haven’t.done porn yet. no need when I’m already bangin any chick i want

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    Word of wisdom July 16, 2012

    This granny is so worn out that she suffers from baldness, as testifies her extreme receding hairline. She has even lost most of her body hair, which tells it all.

    Why kuffars consider dying meat attractive is beyond me. It must be the djinns.

    • Avatar
      The messenger July 16, 2012

      You shouldn’t refer to anyone as dead meat. No matter who they are or what they look like.

  6. Avatar
    Abdullah The Butcher July 16, 2012

    When I look at this pic of slutty olivia, I am reminded of only one thing: the great rift valley of kenya.

    • Avatar
      Abdullah the Butcher July 17, 2012

      fake abdullah

      You digrace the Holy name of Islam with your imposter motives. Relinquish your identity and the Great Allah will save you!

      • Avatar
        Abdullah The Butcher July 19, 2012

        fake abdullah

        Allah is going to send you to hell for pretending to be the great Abdullah

      • Avatar
        The Anarchist July 21, 2012

        yeah, like a fake person you opium addicts randomly made up is gonna do anything

    • Avatar
      Arcachnar July 19, 2012

      @Goldberg Sorry, I have to do it like this, because of the absence of edit button.

      The first design of the computer machine was taken of the Moors. The Greek already started to think about these kind of possibilities. I will not write it here. A long story.

      The actual father of computer science and artifical intelligence was Alan Mathison Turing. Gay, but not a Jew. British to be precise.

      Atanasoff was the one who made the first digital computer. He was not a Jew, but a Hungarian.

      The creator of the first program controlled computer was given resources by Nazi Germany. If he was a Jew he was already placed in a camp.

      The one who created the first digital computer and working phone was not a Jew either.

      Bell Labs (who was founded by Alexander Graham Bell. No Jew.) Invented C programming, C+++ programming, laser and radio astronomy.

  7. Avatar
    Moishe Goldberg July 16, 2012

    Jews invented the internet.
    Jews invented Google
    Jews invented Facebook
    Jews invented Oracle
    Jews invented BitTorrent
    Jews invented Firefox
    Jews invented Tumblr
    Jews invented Craigslist
    Jews invented Dell Computers

    … and that’s just SOME Jewish contributions to the modern tech industry alone! The list would be endless if I included advancements Jews have made over just the last 150 years in science, philosophy, medicine, business, academia, politics, art, fashion, entertainment, etc. What have Muslims contributed to the modern tech industry? NOTHING! Over a billion Muslims and you collectively haven’t accomplished shit in a thousand years. Meanwhile there are only about 15 million Jews and we dominate almost every industry in the world. We built modern society. We hold most of the world’s wealth. We are statistically the smartest race on earth.

    It’s understandable why you are so resentful of us. Haters gonna hate.

    • Avatar
      Arcachnar July 16, 2012

      Don’t you think that this may be the reason that people dislike Jews? Because of the arrogance? Wouldn’t this make it only worse?

    • Avatar
      Mufti bin haq July 16, 2012

      Moishe Goldberg

      How does one say.. “Shut the fuck up” in hebrew?

      Thats what I would like to say..

      • Avatar
        The messenger July 16, 2012

        Moses has a Hebrew and so was Jesus. The Hebrews are good people.

        • Avatar
          Cody July 16, 2012

          I agree. Jews are good people, but this guy Goldberg is very annoying. He doesn’t follow the site. He merely shows up one day and starts talking trash. Either show up and follow the site or get the fuck out of here.

          • Avatar
            Arapaho_Native July 16, 2012

            Loves Cock Cody
            The jewish people are not good people. With their annoying traits and corrupt military faction, their some of the worse kind of humanoids, next to white trash people.

          • Avatar
            Moishe Goldberg July 16, 2012

            Arapho Native??? Don’t tell me you are one of those backward Indians!

            An Indian saying Jews aren’t good people? Ahahaha!!!! Jews built the modern world! Right now you are using countless Jewish inventions. I am not using one Native American invention… wait… did you losers even invent anything to begin with? Ahahaha. You Indians are literally worthless!!!! If all of you disappeared off of the face of the earth tomorrow no one would even notice. That is how little you mean. If Jews disappeared, the fields of science, technology, medicine, law, academia, business, art, and entertainment will be dealt a huge blow. The world would be set back drastically.

            Jews have contributed more to mankind in the last 150 years than you dumbass savage Indians have in your whole existence. You fucks were still doing rain dances and fucking buffalo when Jewish physicists were figuring out the workings of the universe. Please, you people are so beneath Jews it is not even funny. You’re not worth my time. Go die of inebriation.

            Keep being resentful of Jewish superiority though. I can smell the bitterness and insecurity from here.

          • Avatar
            Arapaho Native July 17, 2012

            Dumbass Jew
            Ha ha, the Jews are responsibly for some inventions, but the America, japan, and several other sub-continents still did more then the Jewish people. Why don’t you stop making up lies and go back to living with your mom. And what are you doing on a anti-semitic web site. So go fuck yourself, your feeble existence is a joke from the universe, so surprise me and say something intelligent.
            As the Arapaho people say “Eat Shit, White Man”

          • Avatar
            Arcachnar July 19, 2012

            IF the Jews disappeared, nobody will actual care. They only flourished, because the US and other governments felt pity for them. Only that’s why they supports Israel. (only exists thanks to the US and Great Britain.) They were dominated by other races and only by mere luck they survived.

          • Avatar
            Cameo July 21, 2012

            Arcachnar, while that is substantially true, Jews are a tiny, tiny percentage of the population. They are 1.5% of U.S. population. The 6,000,000 killed by the Nazis were never replenished. There were 18 million on the globe before WWII. There are 12 million today. Nothing. They are an irrelevant spec. So why all the hate? Why are you so threatened? Is it really your own inadequacies that you fear? You sound afraid to me. Afraid that you can’t match up to the Far East or to the West?

          • Avatar
            Arapaho Native July 21, 2012

            Your obviously not very smart or you would have seen that jew boy not only insulted us personally, but slandered both our beliefs and races. We’re obviously not threatened by this naive loser, if you were intelligent, then you’d know that by all the comments that we have several reasons to insult him. And what was he doing on a anti-semitic website, and expect to get insulted.

    • Avatar
      Hashim the destroyer of Evil July 16, 2012

      Z Mofo:

      Jews also invented big noses, tiny peckers, falsehood, greed and terrorism.
      So, just shut the fuck up and leave this site free from polution.

      • Avatar
        The messenger July 16, 2012

        All of those things about Jews that Hashim the destroyer of evil just said are lies. And hateful lies at that.

        • Avatar
          Hashim the destroyer of Evil July 16, 2012

          Ass Messenger,

          Hashim never lies because Hashim is a righteous Muslim. On the opposite, Jews are compulsive liars; on pollitcs and everything else. Besides this their pita shoarma is a most disgusting food.

          • Avatar
            The messenger July 16, 2012

            Hate is never righteous.

          • Avatar
            The Anarchist July 21, 2012

            every Muslim can drop dead for all I care, at least the Jewish contribute to business, unlike you pricks. All you’ve ever done is bitch about something and blow yourselves up.

          • Avatar
            Arapaho Native July 21, 2012

            The Asshole
            If you think Jews contribute to anything except giving us a reason to hate them, then maybe you should do some research on Israel and on common knowledge.

          • Avatar
            dragonslayer88 August 29, 2012

            ass molesting messenger

    • Avatar
      Abdullah The Butcher July 16, 2012

      mushy cum-breath

      what jews call “invented” the rest of the world calls “stolen”

      You jews are just a bunch of big-nosed, hairy thieves and liars.
      The Jihad will take care of all you mofos.

      • Avatar
        The messenger July 16, 2012

        All you do is speak of hate Mr. Abdullah the Butcher.

      • Avatar
        Hashim the destroyer of Evil July 16, 2012

        You are right brother Abdullah. Starting with that Facebook character, Zuckerberg, that has stolen the FB idea from his college mates.

        • Avatar
          Abdullah The Butcher July 17, 2012

          Brother Hashim

          Yes…had us Muslims been at that college, we would have “sariffed” zuckerberg into the next world and instead of FB…it would be known as “OB” for Oasis Book.

          • Avatar
            arn July 18, 2012

            u muslim suckers can only dream of college

          • Avatar
            Abdullah The Butcher July 18, 2012

            anus arn

            Us Muslims invented college and when one of us goes to an infidel school, we take it over.

            Also…in arabic “arn” means pig fucker……which is quite prophetic in your case…mr porky.

          • Avatar
            arn July 18, 2012

            actually in arabic ‘arn” means the person who fucks your mother

          • Avatar
            Abdullah The Butcher July 19, 2012

            asshole arn

            Don’t get mad at us Muslims because we identified you as a known pig fucker.
            Us Muslims are forbidden to even own pigs and wouldn’t have known about you…had you not posted a video of yourself “making bacon” with a big hog you call “rudy”

            You are a weirdo to lust after a gay pig. But then…you are a filthy infidel

            Eat shit and die porky

          • Avatar
            arn July 19, 2012

            fuckdullah cockadullah
            mayb your mother didnt tell you about me but its ok, it seems that your family so fucked up that even you dont know who your father is?

          • Avatar
            Abdullah The Butcher July 21, 2012

            arnold ziffle

            I have proof you have never been to Tikrit….you ain’t dead.

            eat shit and die mofo

    • Avatar
      Arcachnar July 19, 2012

      It seems that Levi Strauss was a Jew. I forgot all about him. Computers were never invented by the Jews.

    • Avatar
      that dude January 07, 2013

      Ok just for the record asshat Jewish isnt a race they are a religion. So you clearly arent all that smart now are you.

  8. Avatar
    Observerwwtdd July 16, 2012

    Who invented juicy fucking tits…??

  9. Avatar
    Candice July 16, 2012

    She’s doing aerobics.

  10. Avatar
    Alissa C DiCarlo July 16, 2012

    Her pussy’s dry. Boring.

    • Avatar
      general wisdom July 17, 2012

      Her pussy is indeed dry. Can you get it wet for us?

  11. Avatar
    gotitall July 16, 2012

    why does muslims have a problem with the US….i dont get it

    • Avatar
      The messenger July 16, 2012

      The extremest Muslims need to stop thier hateful ways and live peaceful life with the rest of humanity. Not all Muslims are bad. Jesus wants all people to live peaceful life’s and he wants us to show kindness and compassion to all people even our enemies.

  12. Avatar
    Grand Dragon Pete July 16, 2012

    This KKK site has become filled with nothing but muslim butt bangers and other homos.

    Us klansman have been out killing nigs, spics, homos, and muslims while you homo ladyboys get on here and beat your mini meat to all of the beautiful klanswomen we put on here.

    The one queer you don’t see around here anymore is no nuts Niko….he’s been terminated.


    • Avatar
      The messenger July 16, 2012

      You must stop these hateful words. The people on this site maybe misguided but there is good in them I know it.

      • Avatar
        Al bin July 16, 2012


        The messenger’s gay comments really are hilarous!

        • Avatar
          The messenger July 16, 2012

          I am not gay. I am straight. And I believe that Jesus put me on earth to spread the word of peace and nonhate. Please brother, all I want is peace.

          • Avatar
            Al bin July 16, 2012


            DUDE! You’re killing me!


      • Avatar
        M. Zuckerberg July 17, 2012

        Peace doesn’t help to sell guns. Drop it Dipshit.

  13. Avatar
    The messenger July 16, 2012

    So what you are saying al bin is that speaking of kindness and compassion for all of Gods children is funny. You have a bad sense of humor.

  14. Avatar
    hasadu July 17, 2012

    just help him man

  15. Avatar
    wtf July 17, 2012

    WTF does any of this ranting diatribe have to do with pussy? You’re all idiots…

  16. Avatar
    general wisdom July 17, 2012

    The site focuses on politics, religion, comedy and sex. So all of today’s comments are fair game.

  17. Avatar
    The messenger July 17, 2012

    Please brothers, stop looking at this sinful crap. It will lead you no where.

  18. Avatar
    arn July 18, 2012

    fuck this site and all the commenters are crapfilledshitheads

  19. Avatar
    KKK July 18, 2012

    fuck you mesenger this stuff is the future to cum.

  20. Avatar
    The messenger July 18, 2012

    If this is the future then I want no part in it.

    • Avatar
      Afridi rasool July 18, 2012

      The messenger

      By the consistency and relentlessness of your posts..I can’t help but think that you are that
      “Not Gay” dude

      I don’t know for sure but I think you are him…anyways..anything is better than gay..so this messenger stuff is a lot better and hilarious as well.


  21. Avatar
    The messenger July 18, 2012

    The only name that I go by on this site is The messenger. I keep posting so much because I want to help Gods people overcome sin.

  22. Avatar
    arn July 19, 2012

    u can help everyone by shuting the fuck up..

    • Avatar
      The messenger July 19, 2012

      How would that help.

  23. Avatar
    Intangible July 21, 2012

    Keep fighting messenger. You are a missionary. People appreciate you.

    • Avatar
      The messenger July 21, 2012


  24. Avatar
    Omg that just happend says August 18, 2012

    Olivia Wylde is Sooo sexy………… The things I would do:D

  25. Avatar
    Common Sense August 22, 2012

    You extremists are ridiculous. Why can’t.you realize majority of Americans hate the way.our government is operating too. They do not care about.the people anymore, and they are just tricking Liberals by.the Liberal ran.media where.they spread their.ignorance and hate. Majority of the Americans just want peace. We are sorry for our governments actions and invading other nations and telling people how to run their lives. But hating on the regular American people doesn’t help your battle either, and just gets in the way of us taking our country back. Stop spreading hate, stop with your plans to take over the world. Because none of us will be happy with life and be able go live with the earth and not destroy it, until we all learn to coexist together peacefully and respectfully. Understand that we all have different backgrounds and one of is.no better then rest. Religion, race, and gender should not matter, we all need.to live for ourselves. To respect our amazing planet and one another.

  26. Avatar
    weirdcomment September 07, 2012

    Enter the indian dude….

  27. Avatar
    JOE September 26, 2012


  28. Avatar
    Don September 30, 2012

    Not really sure this Olivia since her eyes are blue and they certainly are not in this photo. Check all other pictures of her.

  29. Avatar
    Daniel hardkock October 02, 2012

    i cummd! thX Olivia! ;D

  30. Avatar
    tariq the iraqi October 08, 2012

    this is fake…fucking fat stupid Americans go fuck a pig instead of this shit

  31. Avatar
    stfu you tiny dicked muslim little faggit October 20, 2012

    yo youre such a hilariously retarded unfunny stupid racist douchebag idiot with all this “zionist” horseshit

    if i had to bet youre probably some redneck inbred neo nazi soon to be traced and killed by me LOSER instead of some indian nigger muslim faggit

    either way youre a little bitch and the only godamm “zionist” is you faggit; jews are peaceful unlike your piece of shit poor as fuck ugly tiny dicked sexist racist war mongering people

    so go die of aids that your pedo daddy gave you asshole

  32. Avatar
    stfu you tiny dicked muslim little faggit October 20, 2012

    bwhahahah lmfao at tariq the tiny dicked iranian or w/e the fuck you are UNFUNNY UNTOUGH LITTLE ASSHURT PIECE OF SHIT

    the ONLY godamm “fat” people are your fatass slut whore “pig” ass wives who stuff themselves on fattening shit all day

    but they dream of being with an american instead of your smelly ass tiny 2 inch dicks, b/c frankly youre ugly as fuck and pathetic 665 i trace your ip with netstat, im gonna give your info to my marine buddy stationed in iraq, if youre retarded troll faggity ass is even really there, and ill find out through the foia that im runnin on your ass just like i am for the fag who writes these pages

    youre dead asshole

    so no you AND ONLY YOU go “fuck a pig instead of this shit”, like say youre ugly fat whore pigly cow ass mom lol ;.

    oh and i wont be back asshole so dont even dream of talkin shit back asshole

    youve been raped bye bye now bitch

  33. Avatar
    Nike NFL Jerseys On Sale October 23, 2012

    Hi again it seems that my first comment hasn’t been validated it was maybe too long so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I really enjoy your blog.

  34. Avatar
    donald November 07, 2012

    nigger you better stfu porch monkey ill rape ur mom and hangg your family

  35. Avatar
    Andrew123 November 16, 2012

    Now that’s a good looking vagina

  36. Avatar
    bitch November 22, 2012

    Hey black people stop insult white people! You are just a phsycho who belives in a fuckin elephant.
    BTW, how the hack will islam take over lol?! The only weapon you have is sticks and rocks so good luck…
    If we are toilet paper then you are the brown crap we remove!
    so if u hate us so much why dont return to fucking Irak? Ohhh i know why you dont afford a plane ticket and your country barely have food and clothes so stfu before you will be sent back to your poor country!

  37. Avatar
    minister November 24, 2012

    muslims will never take over, they will be exterminated like vermen once people figure it out. soon we will all wipe our but with allahs face and recycle the Quran into the toilet paper it came from. Allah, suck my sack you homo fagot.

  38. Avatar
    minister November 24, 2012

    you gotta see this funny video of Obama sucking allahs clit

  39. Avatar
    Mister dude December 08, 2012

    So fucking fake it makes me laugh. HAHAHA!

  40. Avatar
    velaparivaar December 08, 2012

    That is uncomplicated and most of my gents up to now know this.

  41. Avatar
    kevin December 09, 2012

    i read this whole page and i learned that all of you are fucking idiots. grow the fuck up. i am only 14 and act more mature than all of you. just because you know something is right or wrong doesn’t mean you should waste all of your time leaving stupid comments on other peoples opinions you dumb retards.

  42. Avatar
    albert h January 01, 2013

    olivia You are Beautiful

    • Avatar
      kevin January 01, 2013

      I agree with you Albert h. olivia is beautiful.

  43. Avatar
    Aaron January 11, 2013

    Ive read all this shit and u thinking muslims are going to take over i think you must be on sumthing and Would you shut up about fucking allah he aint done much for ya

  44. Avatar
    doug robinson January 13, 2013

    i was in love with olivia but seeing this pic,i’m really in love now !!!!!! wow that is some good lookig camel toe i’d do whatever she told me to !!!!!

  45. Avatar
    BamaBadBoy January 28, 2013

    I AM the BamaBadBoy! My Dream is to be locked in a Steel Cage with ALL these Big Nosed..Stinking Camel Riding Towel Head Fools! You’d have thought there were 5 of Me&I was the 2ND COMING..OF THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR!!! OHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH…

  46. Avatar
    Bingo January 30, 2013

    Olivia Wilde’s breasts aren’t that big. If you’ve seen “Alpha Dogs” you’d know she has itty bitty titties.

  47. Avatar
    BiggieC March 03, 2013

    Fuck all the dot heads, fuck u blacks, and def. Fuck them muslims they are just black dudes that want to seem more important and inteligent then there fellow blacks. Did anyone ever hear the expression that there is a different between a black man and a nigger for example oboma is an uncle tom 2 pac a nigger.

  48. Avatar
    rooster March 13, 2013

    you should be deleted. on the web and in life

  49. Avatar
    Fo Shigiddy March 16, 2013

    1. The picture is fake you can tell because she has purky nipples and
    2. Good luck Muslim men trying to score a hot chick, some can but most can’t
    3. Black guy are the stereotype and yes… Have big black dicks
    4. Muslim people can’t say anybody stole anything because freaking mohomad or how ever you spell it stole everything from 1. The Old Testament and 2. The tora

  50. Avatar
    Ted White March 19, 2013

    AND YOU WONDER WHY “You people” ARE HATED? Quit using our tax dollars to pay for your Internet and get a fucking job.

  51. Avatar
    GeeOhDee March 23, 2013

    Let’s see, Muslims… they believe strapping bombs to themselves and taking out a herd of enemies, women and children included, will get them into heaven and 40-something or whatever virgins will be waiting for them. Idiotic beyond reason. They’re all damned. Jews… the jews killed Christ, so instantly they’re damned as well. Black people, where to even begin? Black people see slavery as the worst thing ever, yet they fail to understand that if slavery never happened, they wouldn’t have been able to populate anything outside of Africa, not to mention that it was their OWN PEOPLE who sold them as slaves. One tribe fights another and the losers become slaves. Read a history book ffs. Not to mention how incredibly racist they are, and use the race card in any conversation they can, whenever possible. It’s sickening. In the end, race and religion doesn’t count for anything, everyone is damned. There’s nothing you can do.

    Just fyi, the smartest man and greatest contributor to the field of EVERYTHING who ever lived was Leonardo Da Vinci, and he wasn’t a damn jew, so just stfu.

  52. Avatar
    Reality March 24, 2013

    it’s a sign of great intelligence to believe in any religion :D

    • Avatar
      Abdullah The Butcher March 24, 2013

      reality bites…cock

      It will be a sign of Jihad when A Muslim kills you.

  53. Avatar
    dvs 1 April 05, 2013

    If this is Olivia Wilde, she hot. Love her.

  54. Avatar
    bangyourdead June 06, 2013


  55. Avatar
    lacokanostra June 09, 2013

    Probably the best things I’ve heard were tales of you jihad fucks being blown up. I thank our big brother “USA” for killing you terrorists and your families. I heard stories from my seargent of us Canadians killing yous and stacking your bodies up so that your faces were in each others crotches and asses. Try and blow us up and then run into a Mosc full of civilians, Allah must praise the cowardly. You can sing/ pray to allah all you want, he won’t do anything for you, he’s a fictional being. And you and your people smell like complete shit. Your are all complete retards and have the IQ of 3 above dirt.

  56. Avatar
    Muslim hater July 23, 2013

    I thank this site for always giving me good fakes. It also gives me a bunch of stupid horny Muslims to laugh at. The only reason Muslims like celeb fakes so much is that Muslim women have dicks under their robes. Go blow yourselves up in your bathrooms.

  57. Avatar
    Ibrahim Ahmed August 29, 2013

    Another western whore begging for strong,pure islamic seed!

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