Sexy Fighter Gina Carano Lip Bite

Sexy Fighter Gina Carano Lip Bite

gina carano Sexy Fighter Gina Carano Lip Bite

One infidel pursuit that us Muslims slightly approve of is the “ultimate fighting”. I know for me watching the UFC brings back many found memories of my childhood home in Afghanistan. We spent many a long summer stripped naked while wrestling the elder men of our village for hours on end.

Of course any one of the elders from my village could easy beat these infidel UFC fighters. Trust me when I tell you, once an Afghan gets a couple fingers inside of you, the tap out comes rather quickly.

However, the infidels could not leave something as beautiful and innocent as ultimate fighting alone, and had to corrupt it my allowing women like Gina Carano pictured in the gif below to participate in it. Of course there is nothing wrong with treating women like animals and pitting them against each other in brutal combat, but that should only be done by their husband for his amusement. Not flaunted about like the UFC does with Gina Carano. Allahu Akbar!

gina carano Sexy Fighter Gina Carano Lip Bite


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    Gayboy May 11, 2011

    I saw this years ago and thought that there may be a possibility of becoming straight. Now, after seeing it a couple years later, I again think that becoming straight is a possibility. Its going to happen.

  2. Avatar
    fan May 11, 2011

    Gina Carano has never fought for the UFC. she fights in Strikeforce
    The UFC does not allow women to fight.

    • Avatar
      theheadchimp May 11, 2011

      What do you mean the UFC doesn’t allow women to fight? Tito Ortiz is a bitch if there ever was one.

      • Avatar
        Gayboy May 11, 2011

        You’re exactly right, chimp. It is well documented that his wife/gf/pornstar, Jena Jameson, routinely beats the crap out of him. He is a disgrace to men all over the world.

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    Open the Scroll May 11, 2011

    I dont know how she escaped her Muslim owner but I can stil see the collar around her neck. If one of my wive’s dared too defy my order’s and run away , she would be beaten in public then I would invest in an electric fence.

  4. Avatar
    zillaman May 11, 2011

    chimp you would know all about being a BITCH’ lol. you are a BITCH. this godess would ram your head in your own asshole chimp. to much woman for you. and this idiot scroll with shit to say bout NOTHING.. what a fucking idiot. like i said this GODESS, would fuck you up scroll. well a 5 year old can fuck you up. little FAGGOT’S. ALLAHU AKBAR SUCK’S BLACK COCK… now you can go back to crying little girl’s…

    • Avatar
      Saladin May 13, 2011

      You are just rude. Didn’t your father teach you any manners while he was ramming his 1 inch clitoris inside your ass?

  5. Avatar
    Saladin May 13, 2011

    This bitch ass bitch impostor infidel durka durka says we like MMA. Any good mooslim knows that the ultimate fighting technique is a bomb you carry in ur underwear.

    That said, I approve of my cum receptacles fighting for the right to taste and recieve my seed within their dirty hell holes.

    Death to america and allahu akbar!!!

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